Gavin aka The Homo

A Florida native, Gavin spent most of his homo life on the east coast of Florida – literally, on an island, close to where they launch space shuttles n’ shit.  

He went to college (go  Noles!) and did the whole nine-to-five thing for a while…blah, blah, blah. Then, for absolutely no fuckin’ reason, he enrolled in law school and accumulated a fuck-ton of student loans. 

Now, he does this hopeless podcast thing with some redneck, republican named Aaron.

He also likes whiskey a lot.


MOVIE: Goodfellas

BAND: Young the Giant

SPORTS TEAM: …you lost me at “sports”

FOOD: Chicken Tenders

COCKTAIL: Old Fashioned (w/ Makers Mark)

PHRASE: Fuck it


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